I am primarily a producer/production manager, but after more than a decade managing production companies, I have handled budgeting, coordinating, casting, locations, asset management, post supervision, and everything in between. I have a passion for documentaries and story-telling videos, but my experience also includes commercials, corporate videos, & content for live shows. I enjoy being involved in any element of production where I can be helpful and ensure a positive outcome.


I have managed companies since I was 17. I love looking at the bigger picture and identifying how all the moving parts need to come together to operate successfully. I often take over the more detailed roles so my clients can focus on their own specialties. I give my full effort to everything I do, and am as invested in your success as I am my own. If you need a trusted partner, an outside perspective, or help managing any aspect of your company or project, let me be the solution for you.


Whether you’re an individual just getting started, or a long-time business owner, my experience allows me to get to the heart of your struggles and help you reach your goals. I understand that every situation is unique, so I offer personalized solutions customized to fit your individual needs and budget. The details of running a business can be overwhelming, but the freedom and success are so rewarding. I will help you feel confident and proud about making a living doing what you love.