End of Year Reflection

Around this time last year, I decided to make the effort to post more often. Then I proceeded to write only four entries (including this one) in all of 2017. I’m not surprised. While social media is a good way to stay connected, it doesn’t actually bring me business. So when I get busy, it doesn’t seem to be the most important way to spend my time. And that’s exactly why my goals are more fluid ideas than concrete plans. Because life happens, and sometimes what we set out to do doesn’t make as much sense as our priorities shift.

I had no idea what 2017 had in store for me when it started. I had just wrapped a 9-month project and was still figuring out what my business was actually going to be. I wondered if I needed a marketing plan, or to join some kind of networking group. I was looking for inspiration and clarity. I had a rough roadmap, but wanted a path that was a little more defined.

I spent some time thinking, and then I started doing. I found an opportunity to work with someone I’ve known and respected for years. I spent three months traveling around the world working on a passion project. I built new partnerships, strengthened existing ones, and fulfilled my main goal of helping business owners. I defined my niche of managing/organizing creatives. I taught some business workshops and got really positive feedback. I seized every opportunity, went on some adventures, and just generally enjoyed my life.

The year was not at all what I expected; it was so much better. I thought I had a logical plan, but my instincts told me to shift gears and I’m glad I listened. I’ll never negate the importance of setting goals and being prepared for the future, but you don’t always know how things may change. An intention you set today might not be practical in a month, and that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Maybe you just made a better choice or found a new direction. So while it’s not bad to make plans or strive for new achievements, please don’t get so focused on the end point that you miss other opportunities along the way. Listen to your intuition, because it just might lead you to exceed your own expectations.

I hope you enjoy these last few days of the year, and that 2018 offers more optimism and happiness for all of us!


One of my adventures this year took me to the beautiful village of Howth in Ireland.

One of my adventures this year took me to the beautiful village of Howth in Ireland.