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Photo Credit: Eric Jamison
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 Amanda McCune

Amanda has always had a driven and determined personality. She started working full-time at 16 and was already managing her first business by the time she graduated high school. She spent 17 years in management, mostly as the Director of Operations for production companies, where she developed a thorough understanding and appreciation of operating a business focused on creative services. She has worked on a variety of projects in TV/film, commercials, corporate videos, and live events. She is especially drawn to story-telling videos and documentaries.

Amanda loves being a producer/production manager, but she is also truly passionate about helping others succeed. Sometimes called the “creative whisperer” for her ability to simplify daunting businesses tasks for those with artistic minds, she realized the only way to truly utilize her experience and knowledge on a larger scale was to start her own company. Since forming Aardvark Girl LLC in 2016, Amanda has been the project manager for a Presidential debate, produced a feature-length documentary about U2 (“Dream Out Loud”), and helped a number of people improve the way they handle business. Her focus is working with creative individuals and business owners who need a little help managing their productivity, organization, bookkeeping, etc. so they can concentrate on their talent. She loves what she does, and her goal is to help as many people as possible realize they can achieve the success they desire.

When she’s not working, you can usually find Amanda at a concert, doing Pilates, volunteering at an animal shelter, or unwinding at home with her 2 cats. A true introvert, she prefers quality time with friends in small groups to the more lavish lifestyle you might expect from someone who lives in Las Vegas. She loves to travel around the world and experience life from different perspectives.

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